Optimal Soil - Thriving Vines - First-Rate Wine

“Geology, landscape and soil are important factors that mediate the interaction between climate and the vine, especially soil water supply and nutrition.”

Geotronics Consulting is a 60 year old company that got its start in mining.

We saw a novel application of technology to viticulture and haven’t looked back. 

Our flagship product is our bioavailability soil sampling. 

But we provide a range of vineyard services, from EC soil conductivity surveys to petiole analysis. 

Once you view our work, it speaks for itself. Click here and you can view sample reports and maps. 

More than that, we work with vineyards to increase balance, quality, and sustainabilityi.

If you’re curious about how our bioavailability sampling works, or anything else, please reach out. 

  • chris@geotronics.ca
  • (778) 835-8128


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