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Geotronics Consulting Inc.

Founded in 1968, Geotronics is headed by David Mark who has over 46 years of experience in mining exploration, geotechnical, and environmental geophysics.

David began his work in the mining industry in 1959 as a prospector then graduating from the University of British Columbia in 1965 with a major in Geophysics and a minor in Geology. His knowledge of geology is unusual for a geophysicist.

Geotronics itself was founded in 1968 by Tom Rollston. David took over as chief geophysicist in 1969 and exploration manager in 1970, assuming more and more of the roles within the company and purchasing the company outright in 1972.

Geotronics began by offering a wide variety of services, including seismic reflection and refraction, magnetic and induced polarisation, various types of EM, gravity, and soil sampling surveys (including MMI), as well as many others – all of which are still offered today. Geotronics was a very early adopter of MMI and I.P.  In 1970 Geotronics was employed to do extensive seismic work for BC Hydro on the Moran Dam site and has continued to work with BC Hydro for a number of decades.

Further, the company has extensive experience in a wide variety of climates, elements, and terrains having worked year-round in: temperate and conniferous forests, borreal forests, alpine tundra, prairies, frozen conditions and extreme cold (well below 0), deserts, and in mountainous conditions.  That includes having conducted surveys on every inhabited continent with the exception of Australia.

In 2015 Geotronics realized a novel application for a technology they’d used in mining to the viticulture industry. And given their extensive surveying experience, it was a great fit. 

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